Witness Statements

1. Position Statement to the UK People’s Covid Vaccine Inquiry by Doctors for Patients UK

2. Position Statement on Covid-19 Vaccines for Children by Dr Ros Jones, Retired Consultant Paediatrician, for the Children’s Covid Vaccines Advisory Council (CCVAC).

3. Unsafe and Defective: Witness Statement on the covid vaccines by Dr Clare Craig, Diagnostic Pathologist for Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART Group).

4. Witness Statement on Medical Ethics and the Covid-19 Vaccines by Dr Elizabeth Evans, former NHS Doctor and CEO of the UK Medical Freedom Alliance (UKMFA).

5. The Covid Vaccines: A Betrayal in Three Acts by Dr Jonathan Engler, Medical Doctor and Barrister, co-chair of HART Group.

6. Witness Statement of the Perseus Group by Nick Hunt, Retired Senior Civil Servant, for The Perseus Group.

7. Nudges to Jabs: Behavioural Science and the covid vaccine roll-out by Patrick Fagan, Behavioural Science Consultant, lecturer and best-selling author.