Statement from Professor Paul R Goddard, BSc (pharmacology), MBBS, MD, FRCR, FBIR, FHEA

Bristol, May 2024

At a recent meeting of the Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Society the GMC employment liaison officer for the SW of England was asked why the GMC curtails free speech between doctors and patients. He denied this was the case but then added that “Of course you can’t just allow doctors to say what they want over things like vaccines.” There was a howl of protest from the doctors, and he tried to backpedal on his statement but it was too late. The GMC viewpoint was clear… despite treating no patients and having no knowledge about Covid vaccinations, the ex-civil servants of the GMC would not permit worried doctors to speak out about their concerns.

So why do these doctors want to have their say about the gene therapy masquerading as vaccination that is still being foisted onto the public? It is the experience that they have had of bad reactions to these ‘vaccines’. These reactions are so common that almost anyone you chat to, can tell you a story about someone they know who suffered. These range from nasty flu-like symptoms and increased incidence of infections post-vaccination, through arthritis to sudden death in otherwise healthy individuals.

Perhaps some of this is hearsay or gossip, but much we have experienced ourselves, and one thing we have certainly noticed is the distinct lack of activity by the authorities who should be examining the situation. In the past it was de rigueur for a post-mortem and an enquiry to be carried out for every suspicious death within a short time of any medical intervention. This is no longer the case and when suspicion of vaccine harm is raised it is more than likely that the doctor raising the alarm will be disciplined for speaking out of turn. Despite myocarditis being a known side effect of the covid vaccine for more than 2 years, there are zero guidelines for pathologists when doing a post mortem in a sudden death of a vaccinated person. Since the covid “vaccinations” are experimental and previously untried in human beings, the pharmaceutical firms, regulators and the government should be keeping a very close watch on all the harmful effects and continuing this vigilance over a period of some years. This does not appear to be the case.

That there is a problem is clear from the government’s own massaged figures showing far more adverse reactions than from any conventional vaccine. And yet the Covid Inquiry has delayed the session on vaccines.

For the “vaccines” to be good science, they should be testable. The test of a vaccine must include the cost/benefit analysis. The benefits are usually obvious: the recipient should no longer be susceptible to the infection and they should not pass it on to other people. The costs include the monetary expense incurred but also the potential harm to the person who is vaccinated. 

In the case of the Covid vaccinations the benefits have become blurred. Initially it was hoped that the vaccine would convey protection for a long period of time but even the official UK Health Security Agency states that the protection wanes very quickly.  The figures are incomplete and vague, but Pfizer and AstraZeneca appear to have waned in protecting against symptomatic infection down to about 20% by four months and at six months the protection becomes negative, the recipient becoming more likely to be infected than the controls! The agency provides no information about mortality or transmission citing insufficient data. The UK is usually a frontrunner with information of this kind due to its nature as a nationalised health system. Do other countries have better information? The Florida administration has been condemned by pundits for suspending inoculations for the 18-35 years group.  But given the lack of information about efficacy and in light of the knowledge of side-effects the Florida Department of Health would appear to be taking a sensible position.

The vast majority of people in the UK have come in contact with Covid-19 and have some natural immunity. Adding extra boosters increases the risk of developing reactions and interfering with the natural immunity whilst even possibly driving the emergence of new variants. The time has come in the UK for a moratorium on the Covid-19 vaccine programme.

The debate is difficult. Doctors against vaccination have been struck off or suspended when they have spoken out or refused to take part in the vaccination programme whilst those in favour have received vitriol online. That is not how science can progress. Pfizer wanted the data on reactions to be kept secret for many decades. If the vaccines cannot be tested, they are not science, they are simply untested and potentially dangerous technology.

This statement from concerned healthcare staff shows the bravery and deep compassion of the people taking part. They are in danger of losing their employment and damaging their futures but still they feel obliged to register their concern.

Read on but do so with an open mind and please ignore the propaganda fed to you by the government.

Professor Paul R Goddard, BSc (pharmacology), MBBS, MD, FRCR, FBIR, FHEA


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  2. Myra Forster-van Hijfte avatar
    Myra Forster-van Hijfte

    The continued use of modRNA products despite major efficacy and safety concerns, especially in people who are at minimal risk of getting severely ill from SARS-CoV2 is a blemish on the regulatory and medical bodies.
    It is of vital importance we have good data analysis and a proper scientific debate on this. Censorship is not helping this debate either.
    Thank you for your work on this.

  3. Margaret McGillen avatar
    Margaret McGillen

    It is a massive stain on the integrity of our regulatory bodies and, indeed, on our Government that the masses of excess deaths and adverse life changing effects brought about by an experimental ‘vaccine’ are being covered up. I have first hand experience of deaths and awful adverse effects on otherwise healthy friends/family. Shocking. Personally, although 80 neither myself nor my husband have had any jabs as I read up about them when first brought out from the websites of the pharma companies. When I read that they could/would change your own immune system that was enough for me to so, NEVER. I have had all vaccines from being a child so am not an ‘anti-vaxxer’ per se.

  4. Hilary Wallace avatar
    Hilary Wallace

    I’m sorry to say that I had begun to lose faith in conventional medicine before 2020 but I am now at the point where, nearing 70, I dread becoming unwell or having an accident. This is a very sad state of affairs and surely shouldn’t be the case in a modern, so-called civilised, society. However, what I have whitenesses over the past 4 years has shocked even the cynic in me to my core. Of course it hasn’t really been about medicine but about some warped propaganda to get us all to do what we’re told regardless of the cost to human health and happiness. Thank goodness for the good doctors out there such as those belonging to HART and those brave enough to speak out knowing that they risk careers and personal safety. Thank you, brave and honourable souls!

    1. Brian Finney avatar
      Brian Finney

      +1 fully agree

  5. I had one Astra-Zenica and now I’m crippled with Guilian-Barre Syndrome. Thank you for your interest and contribution

  6. I refused the vaccines and have never regretted my decision.

    Friends who followed every diktat have, variously, caught Covid-according to PCR testing, a virulent outbreak of flu, shingles and in one case general debility following vaccination ; another is awaiting test results for suspected polymyalgia, though whether this is a consequence of vaccination is unlikely to be established.

    The official omerta must be challenged and more credence given to the many sufferers and their families and to the many experts who have been dismissed, ostracised and ridiculed.

  7. Peter Westwood avatar
    Peter Westwood

    Consider that which we face: It is an enemy that has conscripted and turned into lackeys the chief officers of all of our governments, everywhere. It has therefore control over those governments’ intelligence agencies and militaries. It owns and controls the media and the internet, censors and removes inconvenient truths. Its tentacles spread far and wide such that almost every hierarchy in any part of our world’s societies is seemingly peopled by servants of this master. It quite literally owns “the science”, has control over the direction our research minds take, finding treatments rather than cures in every field of human scientific endeavour, easily destroying the careers of those who, for instance, question the ridiculously fraudulent climate science our children are being indoctrinated with…(amongst other things..).
    Suddenly, you see, humanity is being presented with an uncomfortable truth, that there is a very large, well oiled and well disciplined, essentially criminal organisation that sits across this world, shaping this reality and shaping it bad, shaping it rotten.
    And the worse of it is that these creeps occupy every position of power and authority and influence everywhere.
    So the questions we should be asking one another must be those concerning how our species rids itself of the power that grips us, knowing of course that the power is simply money.
    None of the bad stuff would happen, do you see, to us as a species, if we learnt to ignore money. Between 8 billion of us we could readily find a different way to exchange between us all.

    1. I call this network of vested interests the Cultocracy and I fear that the UK could become a DINO: democracy in name only ,in the not too distant future.

  8. I have known several people who have been seriously injured by these bioweapons. Friends who have had young relatives drop dead suddenly, elsewhere people in their 30s and 40s with blood clots and strokes, permanent palpitations for one person, who was left unable to work for a very long time. None of this was heard of before the roll out. People need to be held to account. Big pHarma needs to be held to account; as do every governing body and every television personality who ever championed the insidious inoculation, and all for their own personal gains. It’s beyond disgraceful, there is blood on all of their hands. Vive la resistance, vive la révolution!

  9. Sandra Nolan avatar
    Sandra Nolan

    Thank you brave doctors who honour the Hippocratic oath and have not been defiled by greed and self interest. More power to your arm!!!

  10. Patricia rose Lowry avatar
    Patricia rose Lowry

    I have not had any vaccines for Covid or had any vaccines for flu, shingles, phemonia. I will be 80 on 16th June this month.
    People are like sheep. Being told what
    to do, when their due for their 4th Covid vaccine. Not me. I’m ok thank you .

  11. Having had 2 x Pfizer vaccinations and 1 x Moderna vaccination, at the age of 56 I suffered a stroke.
    I was running half marathons fortnightly before this happened, don’t smoke, hardly drink alcohol and my bmi is 22. French doctors were bewildered why this had happened to me. I was requested to take an Echocardiogram in December 23. Unbeknown to me, this has left me with Pericarditis type symptoms and I’ve been unable to work since.
    I’m really angry at all of this

  12. Thank you for yoir efforts. However, I amnsuspicious (a necessary 7th sense if you like, these days) that your campaign comes when there is big push to save public money. Curtailing covid vaccination through lack of public interest would save billions! Is this the future PO Horizon? I hope not. Your comment please. You must at least welcome my suspicion!

  13. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing up for the truth to be heard.
    I’m sure you’ve already thought about a petition. If you’re going down this road I and many people I know would sign it.

  14. Alan Morris avatar
    Alan Morris

    My daughter suffered an alarming reaction to her 2nd AZ jab in July 2021 which resulted in a day spent in hospital having Cardiac tests. She is back in hospital at this very moment having been sent there by her GP this morning with suspected viral myocarditis. It is appalling that the MHRA contine to allow this toxic vaccine to be inflicted on us.

  15. Thank you for taking a stand on this matter. There have been too many cover-ups and denials about the ‘vaccines’ for Covid-19. Science should be reinstated as science – not ‘The Science’, and should not be involved with politics.
    I have enough knowledge to have made a measured decision not to take any of these medical interventions and will never do so. mRNA technology is not to be trusted. I gather it’s going to be used on farm animals in the USA – that must never happen here in the UK.
    I believe in good health through diet, exercise and sleep, among other things. I have had SARS -2 virus twice – it was no worse than a debilitating cold the first time and the second was a day’s fatigue. I’ve never tested for it, because I’ve not had a cold or flu for forty years or more. Yet my doctors’ practice continues to send out reminders about getting boosted, despite me – politely – telling them to ‘go away’. Reading between the lines, I think my GP is not for this ‘vaccine’, but won’t come out and say so.
    Please keep up the good work – those of us in the know greatly appreciate it, but you need to make your work more widely known.

  16. Brian j Wilkinson avatar
    Brian j Wilkinson

    Good day
    As someone damaged, yer every Dr I mention it to, just looks at me, with that stare, like a kid with its hand in the biscuit jar!
    ONE!!! just one Dr talked to me about my problems the AZ left me with, every day is a struggle, I’m fighting it though, I refuse to be beaten and be silent…
    I’ve recently had spinal surgery, every single nurse, and patient I talked to said, one nurse, “they did us over, forcing me a single parent to take something I knew was not right and hurting so many people”

    Other nurses and staff, said more or less the same, but saying we’ve been told to keep quite or loose our jobs!!!
    Also I was asking to sign myself out to go home the hospital was chaos, I can die with two foods, guess what they tried to serve me them both, the NHS is broken staff are broken and want out, all this dri e to either maim us or kill us off with unproven and falsified data, oh my what I would give to be in a room with Matt Hancock, I can assure I KNOW how stupid the odious little man is… HART please keep fighting and do what you can to bring this to the public, I wish I could do more to help.
    Yours BjW

  17. Maurice McCarthy avatar
    Maurice McCarthy

    This is rather more subtle and for that reason disputable. I have had 1 AZ ‘vaccine’ (the proper word for 25 years is _transfection of RNA into a host cell) followed by 1 Pfizer-BionTech and I find since it is increasingly difficult to concentrate and think. I have sort of become darkened and hardened and less able to examine my own life and thinking. I am 71 so maybe it is age related but it greatly disturbs me that I find it harder to correct myself in this manner.

    Thank you for all your work and this enquiry.


    This song from 40 years ago is uncannily prescient; a snapshot of the official lunacy which brought us the lockdowns and the ensuing damage.

  19. i am in fear for my son and his family i pray that nothing comes from them taking this poison. He challenges me to the point i cannot mention this to him as our conversation can be be very
    aggressive. this is what this poison has done, created family divisions. Most of the populations around the world has fell for this great lie and i don’t see how we can beat these demons but the day will come when we shall rise above them and they know this. all they are doing is delaying their day of reckoning

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