Dr Claire Craig, Pathologist


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  1. Incredible and insightful knowledge by you all.
    Sadly I knew this four years ago and warned many people I lost friends and family speaking out.

    I even discovered what to use to heal people completely.
    If you would like to contact me in regards to what I discovered and why it helps and why it does please do get in touch so we can heal more people.

    Thanks for being on the right side of history as this will ultimately go down as the worse miscarriage of justice in our lives times and possibly beyond that.
    vaccine deaths and injuries are suppasing all the world wars together.

    Today is a day the public will get the truth and I thank you all for that.
    Love and light to you all.

  2. john Dutfield CV1 3EG COVENTRY avatar
    john Dutfield CV1 3EG COVENTRY

    This is what people need to know before committing to what by all intent and purpose was an experimental vaccine. When taking a vaccine which does not have a formal licence does not have any short term or long term data…..Personally I have received vaccinations however during my adult life I have made an informed choice,,,,This resulted in me being labelled a grannie killer….Thank you for your video, which hopefully helps people to form and informed choice. Kind Regards

  3. David Fulcher avatar
    David Fulcher

    Dr Craig is such an amazing person, her knowledge is beyond comprehension, I truly hope that the Government listen to these experts.
    Thank you Dr Craig.

  4. Sarah Norris avatar
    Sarah Norris

    Fantastic presentations, particularly Patrick and Nick, but all were incredibly presented, informative abd damning.

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