Dr Jonathan Engler, Medical Doctor and Barrister


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    Anthony Richardson

    My mother developed a rapid onset dementia post vaccine. From the initial symptoms of onset to the 117 section order that she was placed under was a matter of just a few months. I live in a neighbourhood populated with older residents and have seen first hand a number of my neighbours who I would interact with almost daily succumb to rapid onset dementia. Some have now died while others have been moved to care homes. There was also an interesting full reversal of condition after a full blood transfusion in one of my elderly neighbours who was admitted to hospital and was not expected to come back out. I found this particularly interesting as I belive she was originally diagnosed with cellulitus but was prescribed with Warfarin for this. I do not know who to talk to about this and I am thinking of going door to door to take statements and gather experiences. I may be completely off the mark about the dementia but it seems suspicious and I do not trust experts to give me truthful answers to my questions. I would be happy to take an active roll in any inquiry if I could be used.

    1. My friend is in and out of hospital with liver disease which has been blamed on drinking. She’s jabbed, and only 53 years old. She’s also diabetic and has had a brain aneurysm. She had severe lower leg and head pains after the jab. Her close friends have noticed memory loss. I’ve also noticed when talking with her that she is sometimes like a person with mild dementia. She couldn’t remember her son’s name until she looked at his photo. She doesn’t seem to realise how seriously ill she is, and talks about going to college. Sometimes she says odd or slightly inappropriate things. Laughing inappropriately. Pre jab she was in good health and looked radiant. Now she is thin and looks old.

  2. from day 1 I became suspicious of this entire protocols , being vocally opposed to it. And now, we are hearing time and again that the foul play throughout the administration that deserves major investigation into how this was allowed to come about. A global sham has unfolded.

  3. I am disgusted with the governments of thecworld, and the mainstream media, for silencing, cancelling, and humiliating anyone who disagreed with their narrative and forcing people in the care sector to get the gene therapy state injectable jabs!! I will never forgive them!

    Thank you for trying to out the criminals that carried out this traversty and genocide!!

  4. I recommend people watch this amazing documentary on rumble and x. You tube and Facebook have taken it down! ” We Will Not Be silenced ” by Brian Rose at London Real.

  5. The NIH had a page up describing how intramuscular injections are actually desirable to distribute product quickly!

    “Intramuscular injection (IM) is installing medications into the depth of specifically selected muscles. **The bulky muscles have good vascularity, and therefore the injected drug quickly reaches the systemic circulation** and thereafter into the specific region of action, bypassing the first-pass metabolism.”

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